Course Fee: 1,000.00

Cost of Books: $900.00

This course will prepare efficiently for the exam: General Contractor (No limit on Construction), Building Contractor (3 floors), Residential Contractor (2 floors).


To prepare those wishing to license the State of Florida as General Contractors, with the best techniques to study the books required by the state and the most important tips to pass the exam.

Examination may be in English or Spanish.

Books for the course:

• A.1.A DOC: G-701, G-702, G-703, G-706A
• A.1.A Documents A-201
• A.1.A Documents A-401
• A.1.A Documents A-701
• Application & Finishing of Gypsum Panel Products GA-216
• BCSI 1-03 Guide to Good Practice for handling, Installing, & Bracing of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses
• Builder’s Guide to Accounting
• Code of Federal Regulations (OSHA)
• Contractors Manual 2009
• Design & Control of Concrete Mixtures
• Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida
• Florida Building Code, (Building, Residential, and Existing)
• Placing Reinforcing Bars
• Principles & Practices of Commercial Construction
• Walker’s Building Estimator

What can a licensed General Building, Residential Contractor do?

These licenses enable you to direct, control, and take responsibility in construction. Without the General Contractor, Building, Residential Contractor cannot obtain a permit for work.

General, Building, or Residential Contractor signed no plans or structural calculations (That is done by an architect or engineer.)

Those who qualify for a license to Contractor:

  • Over 18 years
  • Good Morals
  • Must have Social Security
  • 4 Years of experience in building accredited by a General Contractor, Building Inspector, Engineer, or Architect
  • If the student has a professional title relating to the construction of another country is credited with 3 years and must provide proof of a General Contractor, Engineer or Architect of this country for the remaining year.

The course consists of the following modules:

1. Basic math
2. Mathematics applied to construction problems
3. Study, Interpretation and Troubleshooting planes
4. Accounting and finance applied to business
5. Review and theoretical orientation in the books of studies

Additional Admission Requirements: None