CompTIA Cloud+ Data Center Professional

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Sep, 2019


Cloud technologies are fast becoming the future of IT. IT professionals should have a firm understanding of how to administer cloud-based technologies and systems. Learn to do it, with our CompTIA’s Cloud+ certification training course.

Cloud security is a rapidly growing industry in the world, as more and more companies rush to place their data and services “in the cloud”. While cloud computing alleviates the need for additional software and system hardware expansion, it also raises many more issue of security. Who’s watching over the cloud? And how do you know your data is safe? With our instructor led CompTIA Cloud+ course learn the answer to those questions.

Our Cloud+ course addresses the essential knowledge for implementing, managing and maintaining cloud technologies as securely as possible. You’ll cover cloud concepts and models, virtualization, infrastructure, resource management, security and business continuity in the cloud in this self-paced online training course. As cloud continues to grow globally, more cloud administration experts will be needed. This certification can be used for careers such as a cloud engineer, project manager or business analyst. Everything’s heading to the cloud. Learn how to properly administer and protect it and you will learn this with our CompTIA Cloud+ course.

Course Content

Total learning: 2 lessons Time: 5 weeks